Slide Valves for all Applications Flanged Plain Ended Socketed Screwed Shouldered Weld Ends Wafer Type Slide Valves for all Industries Water Reticulation Mining Power Generation Food Processing Sugar Paper & Pulp Petrochemicals

Stewarts & Lloyds - The Leading Steel Company in South Africa

Stewarts & Lloyds Valves a member of the STEWARTS AND LLOYDS group of companies, supply a full range of all valve types, in various materials and pressure ratings to handle all applications that are encountered in AFRICA.

Valve Types

•   Gate
•   Globe
•   Check
•   Ball
•   Diaphragm
•   Pinch
•   Control
•   Safety

Valve End Connections

•   Screwed
•   Flanged
•   Spigot [plain]
•   Socket
•   Shoulder
•   Weld
•   Wafer pattern

Valves for Industries

•   Water Reticulation
•   Mining
•   Power Generation
•   Food Processing
•   Sugar
•   Pulp and Paper
•   Petrochemical